Comstock Civil War Reenactors

In the Comstock Civil War Re-enactors, one has the opportunity to recreate portions of the past in ways that help both spectator and participant alike discover and learn more about their history and the people who lived it. Folks from all walks of life participate in the CCWR. The reenactors don authentically-reproduced clothing and uniforms, shoulder period muskets, cook over open fires, sleep in canvas tents and participate in battle reenactments and civilian life. Some even speak in the dialect of the era - we call it Living History.

The Comstock Civil War Reenactors is a private, 501c3 Federal non-profit, educational organization that uses Living History as means of helping the public gain a better understanding of the American Civil War and how it helped shape the country we live in today. The American Civil War, fought from 1861-1865, is a pivotal moment in the history of the United States. With a flash of the Officer's sword and the command "Attention Company!", you begin your journey back in time to experience life as a soldier of the American Civil War.

The military wing of the CCWR is comprised of both Union and Confederate forces, including infantry, calvary and artillery. Both the Union and Confederate Brigades are recreations of actual regiments and companies that fought in the American Civil War.

The Civilian and Non-Combatant Corps attempt to show people how the civilian population lived while the war took place, the suffering of displaced Confederate women and children, the northern home front, and the civilian social and medical organizations that supported the troops in the field.

We welcome your attendance, questions and participation as we learn about and honor those who were there.

CCWR Organization & Bylaws
(Revised August 15, 2008)

Article III - Directors

Section 4 - Authority of Board Members

1. Each elected member shall have one equal vote and voice, except the President who may vote only in the event of a tie vote of the board

2. No board member may hold 2 board positions simultaneously.

3. If any elected officer of the Board of Directors must be absent from a Board meeting, he/she may select a temporary replacement to represent him/her at the meeting. The temporary replacement shall have the full authority of the absent Board member. The temporary replacement shall serve in this position for no more than three (3) meetings of the Board.

4. Board members missing more than 3 meetings without a reasonable absence established by the Board of Directors may be removed from the board by a vote of a quorum.

Article VII - Elections
The CCWR will hold annual elections every year for CCWR Board officers in December. An Election Board of three members will conduct the election, one from each Brigade. See Policies and Procedures Manual for complete election details.

Policies & Procedures Manual of the
Comstock Civil War Reenactors, Inc.

Article VI -- Elections
Section 1 -- Conduct of Elections

1. The Board will appoint an Annual Elections Committee.

2. The Committee will be comprised of a member of the CCWR from each brigade over the age of 18 who is not running in the election for a Board position.

3. The election committee will place a notice on the CCWR website (and newsletter, if current) informing the general membership of the candidates, the deadline for voting (no sooner than one month after the ballots have been mailed), and the address (es) to which ballots must be sent for counting. These addresses will accompany the formal ballots, and each voting member will use one paper ballot.

4. Ballots will be marked in such a way as to prevent tampering. Election results will be announced immediately after tabulation and no later than one week after the deadline for receiving ballots has passed.

5. The offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected by the general membership of the CCWR. Brigade commanders will be elected by members of the brigade in which they serve.

Section 2 -- Voting Qualification Requirements
In order to be qualified to vote in the CCWR's annual elections a member:

1) must be paid-up and in good standing with the CCWR; A member in good standing is one who is paid up and not under any disciplinary action.
2) must have attended at least two reenactments during the year; and
3) must be at least (18) years old.

Individual brigades may determine their own minimum voting age and other qualifications for elections within their units.

Section 3 -- Eligibility for Election as Board Officer
1. A Board officer:
a) must be at least 21 years of age;
b) must be a paid-up member of the CCWR for at least one year preceding his/her candidacy;
c) must have attended at least two reenactments during the year; and
d) must have served as a staff officer of his/her respective brigade.

2. All Board of Director positions are one-year terms.

3. Each Board officer may serve only two consecutive terms in that position before relinquishing it to another member in order to foster broader experience in such administration within the general membership. That Board member may run for another Board position during the interim, and may run for his/her original position after a year out of that office.

4. Brigade commanders must be members in good standing of the brigades they are elected to represent.

Section 4 -- Nominations

1. A qualified candidate must announce his/her intention to seek election to Board office no later than one month prior to elections.

2. Candidates may submit in writing a statement to the general membership concerning their qualifications and/or goals to the CCWR web site/newsletter.

3. Candidates may also mail (at their own expense) or e-mail such a statement to the general membership.

4. The Board will also ask for nominations from the general membership for such positions during the final general membership meeting of the year prior to the Christmas Ball or in the web site/newsletter at least two months before the elections.