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 Comstock Civil War Reenactors

In the Comstock Civil War Reenactors, one has the opportunity to recreate portions of the past in ways that help both spectator and participant alike discover and learn more about their history and the people who lived it. Folks from all walks of life participate in the CCWR. The reenactors don authentically-reproduced clothing and uniforms, shoulder period muskets, cook over open fires, sleep in canvas tents and participate in battle reenactments and civilian life. Some even speak in the dialect of the era - we call it Living History. 

The Comstock Civil War Reenactors is a private, non-profit, educational organization that uses Living History as means of helping the public gain a better understanding of the American Civil War and how it helped shape the country we live in today. The American Civil War, fought from 1861-1865, is a pivotal moment in the history of the United States. With a flash of the Officer's sword and the command "Attention Company!", you begin your journey back in time to experience life as a soldier of the American Civil War.

The military wing of the CCWR is comprised of both Union and Confederate forces, including infantry, calvary and artillery. Both the Union and Confederate Brigades are recreations of actual regiments and companies that fought in the American Civil War.

The Civilian and Non-Combatant Corps attempt to show people how the civilian population lived while the war took place, the suffering of displaced Confederate women and children, the northern home front, and the civilian social and medical organizations that supported the troops in the field. 

We welcome your attendance, questions and participation as we learn about and honor those who were there.